Born in Kingston, Jamaica, Diel spent his earliest years in the rural town of Mandeville before moving back to Kingston for high school. After high school, he spent the next 8 years in Mandeville, so he considers himself to be a real country bwoy. His move back to Kingston in late 2014 allowed him to see his birthplace with a fresh pair of eyes, and that was the inspiration to write his first solo single, “I’m From Kingston”.

His work as a teacher at the Manchester High School for 3 years gave him the chance to connect with the yute in a way he never had before. He left in 2013 to pursue music full-time with his gospel group Adiel Thomas and Ministry. In 2015 they released a gospel album “College Days,” which he co-produced alongside Richard Spencer, who remains his producer for his current projects.

Diel represents the modern, conscious youth...confident in their ability to change the world through their actions within their own circles of influence...but humble enough to know they don’t know everything and are still constantly learning about themselves and the world. Diel says more than anything else, his main interest right now is building an excellent catalogue with high quality product that will last past his life. He is more than just a recording artiste, and has already launched his own T-shirt line, is an energetic performer and a prolific songwriter.

I am definitely more of a writer than anything else. I write almost every single day, I have hundreds of concepts in my phone notes, maybe thousands in my voice notes.” His song topics range from popular culture to social consciousness, everyday life and philosophy, to love and relationships, human empathy, and just about anything on his mind.

“The music is really just a release for me, a way to have a conversation, sometimes with myself, sometimes with one person, sometimes with the world. Sometimes it’s a fun vibe because I love to laugh and have fun, sometimes it’s serious because I definitely take life seriously as well. I’m not necessarily worried about who will like it or not, it will connect with who it will. But right now, I just want to get this music out yah man. My mind is too cluttered so I just really need to clear my head.

My music is a big ball of what the heck! I honestly have no genre, no lane, no anything … I’m just making music and having fun and that’s all I can ask for ... God has blessed me with the skill and desire to make all kinds of music ... so that’s what I shall do!”

For anything else, check his Instagram @dielmusic.